USTEP (Type-U) Students
The URLs, account and classroom informations have been removed to prevent the leakage of internal information for online classes.
Last updated at Apr 22, 2024.

Class plans and classrooms are subject to change, so be sure to check UTAS for the latest information.
If you do not have access to the UTAS, please contact your instructor or academic affairs office.

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Notes for current students who participate in the University-wide Student Exchange Program (USTEP) Type-U (Undergraduate) or prospective students who are planning to apply for USTEP Type-U program
USTEP Type-U students are expected to be enrolled in courses only listed in the course catalogue for USTEP Type-U.

Language Requirement
USTEP Type-U students must satisfy the conditions given below when registering for courses. However, the requirements below do not apply to foreign language courses.

[Courses offered in Japanese]
▸ Japanese native speakers (those who have completed their secondary education through the Japanese educational system)
▸ JLPT N1 certificate holders

[Courses offered in English]
▸ English native speakers (those who have completed their secondary education through an educational system in an English speaking country/region)
▸ Non-native English speakers who have been receiving undergraduate education from an institution whose language of instruction is English
▸ Those with the required TOEFL/IELTS/Cambridge Examinations scores

[Courses offered in Japanese/English]
▸ Those with both Japanese and English proficiency requirements mentioned above